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Laser Gadgets & Measuring Tools

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5mW Red Beam Laser Pen

$5.00 Ex Tax: $5.00

5mW Red Beam Portable Laser Pen - 5000 Hour Lifespan, Continuous Wave Mode, Constant OutputThis affordable laser pointer beam pen has a 5mW Red laser output making it a must have for any PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, lectures or jus as a fun toy.5mW Red Beam Laser PenWith approximately the same size and weight as a fountain pen and a strong brass body, this 5mW red laser beam pointer ..

Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Xiaomi Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor - LCD Screen, APP Control, Highly Accurate, 1 x AAA BatteryXiaomi Mi Bluetooth Temperature and HUmidity is designed to monitor and control the temperature and humidity in the room. It is attached to a wall or any other surface, and it can also be connected to Mi Home APP.It provides accurate temperatures up to 0.1 degrees, you could read it directly..

Digital Laser Tachometer w/ rps + rpm Measure

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Digital Laser Tachometer - rps + rpm Measurment, 0.02% Accuracy, 400mm Range Digital Laser Tachometer with a high measuring range and accuracy of both rps and rpm for the perfect tool for anyone needing to measure rotation speeds for their DIY and testing needs. This laser revolution counter is one of the best tools ever made for those looking for a quick and easy yet highly accurate way for telli..

Digital Laser Tape Measure

$76.50 Ex Tax: $76.50

Digital Laser Tape Measure - 0.05 To 100 Meter Range, Spirit Level, IP54, 1/4 Inch Tripod Thread, Carry CaseThis Hand Held Laser Distance Measurer with 0.05 to 100 meter range for measuring distance, area and volumes, can take indirect measurements using Pythagorean Theorem and has built in sprit level.Hand Held Digital Laser Distance MeasurementsThis hand held laser measuring device has a range o..

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

$67.50 Ex Tax: $67.50

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Sound Velocity MeasurementThis state-of-the-art Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is the most accurate way to measure the wall thickness of materials such as steel, cast iron, plastic and more. Once meant only for professionals and electrical technicians, our wholesale price makes this device available for easy around-the-house use! The simple to use and d..

Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Detector

$19.00 Ex Tax: $19.00

Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Detector - 5Hz To 3500MHz, 1 To 1999V/m Range, LCD Display, Ghost DetectorAt a Glance...Electromagnetic Radiation Detector with 1 to 1999V /m rangeLarge LCD display for easy data readingsLightweight and portable so as you can benefit from its uses anywhere you goSampling range from 5Hz to 3500MHz covers both low and high range frequenciesElectromagnetic Radiati..

F/NF Type Coating Thickness Gauge

$129.50 Ex Tax: $129.50

Coating Thickness Gauge - F/NF Type, LCD DisplayCoating Thickness Gauge is a digital way to indicate the depth of coating such as paint, plus this gadget measures both F and NF Type as well as displaying the results on the LCD Display. This coating thickness gauge is to be used to measure dry film thickness in a non-destructive way. Dry film thickness is almost certainly the most critical measurem..

Portable Multipurpose Anemometer

$36.00 Ex Tax: $36.00

Portable Multipurpose Anemometer - Wind Speed, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Chill, Dew Point + MoreAt a Glance...Easy to read LCD display to see the readingsMeasures temperature, humidity, wind chill, dew point, atmospheric pressure, altitude, illuminance and wind speedCompact and light so you can take it with you outdoorsAn essential tool for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and needs to know the we..

USB Temperature And Humidity Logger

$49.50 Ex Tax: $49.50

USB Temperature And Humidity Logger - Store 32256 Reading, -30 to 80 Degrees C, 1 To 100% HumidityAt a Glance...High precision temperature and humidity logger for a full range of usesLog and store temperatures between -30 and 80 degrees CelsiusPlug into your PC to set up sampling periods and storage intervalsStore up to 32256 readingsThis fantastic USB Data Logger is the most cost effective soluti..

Xiaomi Mi Water Quality Tester Pen

$9.50 Ex Tax: $9.50

Xiaomi Mi Water Quality Tester Pen - IPX6, LCD Display, 0-9990ppm, Detects Organic Compounts, Heavy Metals, Soluble SaltKey Features...Test the water quality at home or outdoors with the Xiaomi Mi TDS penDetects organic compounds, heavy metals, and soluble saltReading range from 0-9990ppmBuilt-in temperature sensor lets you easily check how hot the water isXiaomi Mi Water Quality Tester PenThe Xia..

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